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idea [FireRed Hack:] Pokémon AzolanSpring Version

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.:: Hack Name ::.

Pokémon AzolanSpring Version

.:: Hack of ::.

Pokémon FireRed Version

.:: Introduction ::.

Hello everyone. It's me, MercuryShadowScizor. I have been ROM-Hacking for about 4-5 years. Over time, I've learned quite a bit of things and there are things that I know I must improve on. Either way, I try as well as I can for a successful hack and remembered. This hack shall have 4 parts to it: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Now without further ado, I shall now present to you, Pokémon AzolanSpring Version.

.:: Story ::.

The story begins with a brand new trainer's 10th Birthday during the spring season. You'll notice that there's a Poké Ball on the desk next to your PC. Contained within that Poké Ball was an Eevee. After taking the Eevee, you'll also find a note there with your items. Once you go downstairs, your mother isn't down and so you continue out on your way when your new friend and rival comes to you. She'll talk to about how Gyms work and also to see Professor Kayla, but challenges you to a battle first. After the battle, she will then tell you that she'll be traveling on her own to become as best as she can and leaves. Of course after going to the Gym and winning there, you remembered that you had to go to Professor Kayla's Lab and so you make your way there. Once there, she will tell you about Professor Oak and that he's staying somewhere within the region of Razolun. So you begin your travels to go see Professor Oak and eventually find him in a nearby town. He'll explain that there are a bit of legendary Pokémon that he came to do research on and tells you that Professor Kayla has been informed of the research project via e-mail. However, it wasn't before long that Team Rocket and Team Rozen found out about the legendary Pokémon and the secrets they carry. Though they are not alone and you still haven't much leads as to where your mother may have went off to.. Who are the extra evil villains that are assisting Team Rocket and Team Rozen? Where could your mother have gone to? What could the secrets of the legendary Pokémon be? You'll have to figure that all out on your own as you travel on during your journey of becoming a Pokémon Master.

.:: Features ::.

~New Pokémon

~New Trainers

~Possibly New Music

~Some New Tiles and Palettes

~4th Generation Pokemon might be included

~New Maps

~New scripts

.:: Screenshots ::.

~Blissoma Town Screenies


~The First Route now Route 324



~Other Screenies




.::Current Hacking Team::.

MercuryShadowScizor[me] - Owner/Spriter/Tile Inserter/Mapper/Scripter/Music Remixer

.::Credits/Special Thanks::.

Toonie(another forum) for some support

Zeikku(another forum) for some of the Diamond/Pearl Sprites, some tiles and support.

Forgotton Memory(another forum) for some support and advice

If I so happen to have missed anyone for credits, let me know so I may credit you.

Hope it's to your liking.

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Damn its not for ds:(

but it is Great work.

No need to worry, once there is a map editing tool out for the DS Pokémon series, it will be a sequel if not a remake.

Pleas make a nds version of it :D

and where to get this game?

Currently, there isn't a beta out for it yet. I'm currently debating on it as the scripting and mapping progress still is at the beginning phases.

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