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Top 3 Favorite Pokémon Types


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Mine are:

  1. Ghost: well drifloon is ghost so why wouldn't it be first? Ghost types own too because they are immune to all those annoying normal moves plus ghost type moves are awesome. I mean ominous wind is awesome!
  2. Then Water types because I have always liked the element of water
  3. Dragon types: because they own and a lot of my favorite legendaries are dragon types. Giratina is awesome! Ghost plus dragon=total owning power!




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1. Grass- lots of weaknesses, but I don't care

2. Psychic- yeah, psychic powers would be cool

3. Dragon- I guess it's just the whole mythological aspect of them

Grass types are awesome too! Their moves are so annoying lets say this happens to you:

You are asleep: grass whistle

Poisoned: poison powder

seeded: leech seed

and your grassy foe is using mega drain what are you going to do?

Die yeah that is right you will drop dead there is no chance to survive I mean really what a predicament!

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1. Steel- mainly because steel makes the majority of my favorites. (Metagross, Steelix, Jirachi, Bronzor, Aggron)

2. Grass- once again, mainly because of my favorites. (Shaymin SF, Leafeon, Sunkern, Tropius, Parasect)

3. Water- because... you guessed it; they make up my favorites (Milotic, Piplup). My 1st gen. favorites are almost entirely composed of Water and/or Ice types. (Lapras, Starmie, Cloyster, Squirtle, Blastoise, Dewgong, Seaking) Plus, who doesn't like Surf? :3

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THAT is the sole reason why I bred those poochyena to have Thunder Fang and not Fire Fang. :D

seriously! Then, you looked for the right nature and now you have 120 baby poochyena. Wow, I need to step it up with drifloon. I'm going to be raising a whole team of them each one having a different specialty. They are all going to be shiny. Right now I'm going to be training my special attack one because when getting a drifloon that was my initial plan. Having an awesome special attack poke. Now though I love drifloon!

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seriously! Then, you looked for the right nature and now you have 120 baby poochyena. Wow, I need to step it up with drifloon. I'm going to be raising a whole team of them each one having a different specialty. They are all going to be shiny. Right now I'm going to be training my special attack one because when getting a drifloon that was my initial plan. Having an awesome special attack poke. Now though I love drifloon!

See, you are to drifloon as I am to mightyena. :] Not a bad thing, although that's also the reason why I decided to keep my mouth shut in the top 5 favorite pokemon topic xD

No one wants to see me when I become fangirly.

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1. Dragon- There really powerful and only are weak to a few types.'

2. Steel- They have good defence and it takes a few hits to take some Steel type Pokemon out.

3. Fire- There just beast like Dragon types with there powerful moves (Fire Blitz-Fire Blast)

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1. Dragon - How awesome they look and the amount of resistant also they can fly

2. Steel - Because they're rock hard there defense is phenomenal

3. Ice - Because how fast, and powerful some Ice types are, (Weavile) and that they can summon a Blizzard to a stage, or practically freeze their opponents, but the main reason i love Ice, is because my favorite character in Bleach is Toshiro Hitsugaya.

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1. Dragon~They are so dang powerful!

2. Grass~Its fun to watch your foe get frustrated because you put them to sleep!

3. Electric~I actually don't have a reason, I just think they're really cool! Oh yeah, I remember! They're super cool and strong/powerful too!

Wow, a lot of people love dragon types. Me too! They're awesome!

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1. Water - I'm a water-starter loyalist by heart and by standard. I've grown up with a pool in my back yard since I was born (it's still behind me! It needs it's liner changed though :/ In-ground FTW!), and I've been swimming since before I could walk. I love the sea and ocean, etc. The power of water is tremendous and is not to be overlooked. I love water as a power, and not only is it one of the most powerful types in the game, it has the biggest and one of the most powerful move pools in the game. 86% of the HMs throughout all 4 gens have been water based. Water Pokemon are powerful, and have powerful move pools to back them up.

2. Electric - Yellow was my first game, and my Pikachu, Diana (I made her a giiiiiirl. Even before 2nd gen genders >|), kicked some serious ass. Whenever I faced her and talked to her she'd always be beaming and give me three floating hearts X33

Like Water, Electric has very powerful pokemon as well as move polls. And.. and...

Sailor Jupiter is my favorite inner senshi? *shame*

3. Psychic - Not only is the pokemon love of my life Mewtwo (I have fooooour 8B), psychic is an insanely awesome force to be reckoned with. All of the psychic types in the game are wonderflly grounded and powerful, and psychic moves are insanely hard-hitting. Plus, psychic pokemon always have cool designs and are some of the most memorable pokemon of the games :3

Otherwise: 4. Dark, 5. Steel, 6. Ground, 7. Flying, 8. Ice, then 9. Dragon ...maybe.

Dragons are so overused and over coddled they're boring to me, and it's more fun to beat them with an ice pokemon ^_~*

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  • 2 weeks later...

Water- I've always liked water pokemon from the very beginning. Abundant, various, and just awesome... with not many weaknesses and having the power to destroy walls and have generally having plenty of defenses make them my favorite.

Grass- I just love plants and flowers. They're beautiful and generally powerful or defensive... and I love to spread status around with them. Sure, they have a plethora of weaknesses, but sometimes they're dual typed to negate some of them.

Ice- one of the best offensive types out there. I like their cool nature and just how beautiful most are aesthetically, like Glaceon and Articuno. Unfortunately, their offensive nature comes with a terrible price: being only resistant to its own typing and having four weaknesses, three being common types. Or perhaps I like them because some are part Water... I don't know.

It's too bad this is only asking about my top three... or else I would have included Ghost and Bug as my other two...

Open to see some crazy rant...

My least favorite types are Psychic and Electric. For Psychic, it is because Alakazam ruined it for me back in RBY and GSC for being too strong... but I do like some psychics like Gardevoir and my favorite out of all... Mewtwo. Obviously, I would like those that are part water or grass or ice, but for the most parts... I felt they were too overpowered. However, now D/P is here... and the introduction of physical Pursuit made Psychics show their faces a lot less... I don't seem to harbor as much hate as I did to them before. In fact, I think I like Psychics now... I don't know why.

As for Electrics... oh eww. Seriously... I wonder why every game designers favor the electric type. In my opinion, they're overpowered... and they always come with enough speed and special attack to put pain on other typing. Sure, they generally have weak defenses... but how would anyone strike them if they'll strike hard and first anyways? Also they're conveniently resistant to Bullet Punch... This is the thing that kicks me though... ONE WEAKNESS! Know any other type that has one weakness? Besides RBY Ghost, which really were part Poison too... there's only Normal type. However, Normal deserves to have one weakness because they can't strike super effective on anything; they're the neutral type. As for Electric... why one? I would think it'd be weak to Ice or Grass or something... but they're not. You're really forced to use Earthquake on them. Now thanks to Platinum, we have more attempts to make them even more powerful by giving them a Magnet Rise tutor... accessible to most if not ALL Electrics out there! Sure, sometimes it's hardly worth a moveslot, but the fact that it's an option makes me wonder why they are favoring them too much?

Blatant examples of this? Check out Pikachu, the mascot of the game... getting a Light Ball which doubles his attack AND special attack. Electivire, the new evolution of Electabuzz... gets the new ability Motor Drive. His counterpart Magmortar gets what? Flash Fire? Oh no no no... not even Flash Fire... he still sticks with Flame Body! And even worse... Electivire gets Earthquake... and Ice Punch. Magmortar... doesn't get anything worth using over Electivire... not Earth Power, not some special ice attack. Zip. Nada. And of course, to show how much they hate Ice types, Jynx doesn't get an evolution.

Then comes Zapdos... who has always been the best of the three Kanto legendary birds (I wonder why -__-). Moltres is good too but he's been terrible in the beginning and now he's been put out of the job. Why? Because Zapdos gets... *gasp*... HEAT WAVE! Zapdos, being the only Kanto bird not being 4x weak to Rocks, just got even better. Let's not forget how they randomly pack HP Grass to have an almost perfect coverage. And despite his lack of movepool... Zapdos STILL gets to make various movesets that... just work! And where does that leave poor Moltres in? Sweeper... Zapdos can do that. Bulky set... Zapdos does that and better. Switching into Stealth Rocks... nah, I'll pass. Zapdos also gets Baton Pass... while Moltres got Morning Sun... which is overshadowed by Roost in the standard game for the most part.

And what about poor Articuno? People keep forgetting about her because while her stats scream wall... her typing sure doesn't. Limited movepool... bad stat distribution... and not getting Heat Wave unlike the other birds puts her in the bottom of the barrel. And she's always been the worst one since day 1. What do they have against this one? I really hope for a movepool increase for Articuno... seriously... because Zapdos is working TOO well... and they're being VERY blatant about it. What will we have next? A Flamethrowering Jolteon? For Flareon's sake, let's hope not. (I remember Flareon DID learn Zap Cannon back in GSC though... but Zap Cannon is hardly worth using for missing too much).

I knew I forgot something... but realize how Thundershock gets 30 PP while its counterparts Ember, Powder Snow, and Water Gun gets 25 PP. Let's not forget about Vine Whip, one of Gamefreak's biggest mess ups... has only 10 PP! They increased that to 15 PP in DPP, but that still doesn't help. 35 BP with 15 PP? I think I'll pass... but unfortunately, that's Bellsprout's only option until level 20ish as a STAB move. Oh yeah, Thunderbolt... 15 PP... Ice Beam... 10 PP. Thunder... 10 PP... Fire Blast... 5 PP... Hydro Pump... 5 PP... Blizzard... 5 PP. Yes, I know Solarbeam has 10 PP but unlike Thunder it requires a turn to charge without the sun! I wonder what they have against Ice in general...

Exceptions to my hating of electrics? Well... although Jolteon's OP somewhat, I don't hate her because she's an Eeveelution :)

I like Raichu because he is overlooked by Pikachu... and he's cool.

I like Lanturn because he's part water... and water's my favorite type.

I like Ampharos because he deviates from the standard powerful electric... and plus he's a yellow sheep without wool!

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I'm actually not too sure. Back when I was younger, I liked electric and fire the most... Hm.

1. Psychic - Psychic powers are awesome, and psychic types usually have nice designs.

2. Bug - Bugs are awesome.

3. Dragon?

1. True

2. Hell yeah:p

3. Don't know but I just like them, although I've recently been liking them less

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