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I'm new to this whole thing, not just the forum but I had no idea that the emulators and flash cards were such a big thing. I would like to know two things 1.) Are Pokemon transferred from a flash card recognized as "legal" by the Pokemon bank? 2.) What are some of the best GBA Flash cards to get? I'm asking here because all of the ones I find have reviews that say "didn't work.". I really just want to avoid that sort of thing if possible. Any help is very much appreciated and I thank you.

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  1. Pokémon from flashcarts are the same as Pokémon from legitimate cartridges. As long as you don't use cheats or anything you'll be fine.
  2. I've personally never used a GBA flashcart, but I've read good things about the EZ Flash Omega, which is the newest one I'm aware of. A quick and not-at-all-thorough search of the shops I usually go to makes me thing the others are no longer made. An emulator might be the next best thing if the Omega doesn't suit you and if you can't find anything anywhere else.
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