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Legal Shiny Mew Transfered form VC

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Hello, I´ve been using pkhex for a while and also recently using RNG Reporter, but Im stuck with this one, how to create this virtual console exploit mew, cuz i need a correct PID for the virtual console game, how can i find it??? I only know how to use the RNG from gen 3 fowards.

If it can be done in real life i guess that can be done in pkhex. 

The video that shows the exploit is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z_-umW3Tmo 


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16 hours ago, Sabresite said:

You can use exploits to get any set of DVs so set it to whatever you want that will make it shiny. Keep in mind that most people will not consider it legal.

What are DV's?? Yeah i undestand that is not legal, but i like how the game mechanics have a slight chance to be passed by, as it shows in the video, but doing it in real life is a pain, so i wanna try to reproduce that in pkhex. Thanks.

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