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help with hack checking - pkm files


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I have an AR and Pokesav, and wanted to hack check some stuff i got in a trade with legality checker. You have to use pkm files, how do i get them from my ds onto the computer??

really confused on this one? is there a setting on the pokesav which i need to do ?

thanks for your help guys


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You need to extract your save file somehow then open it using Pokesav then exporting each individual Pokemon you want to check. I don't really have any experience with Action Replays so you're on your own there. If you do extract the save file somehow, you might need to convert it to the raw save format (.sav).

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In order to check the legality of a pokemon you received via trading, you need to extract the game's sav file to the computer. You can't extract the sav file from the game with just the AR. You need a flash cart to extract the sav. I don't know much about flash carts. I do have an acekard 2i, but I'm having trouble and I'm still waiting for help on that.

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