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Replacing Y's music with correct loop points


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I want to replace some of Y's music, and while I can replace the song's file in the sound folder easily enough, the real problem I'm having is with loop points - or, since I'm using GoldWave, cue points. That process is pretty simple; throw in a .wav, set startcue and endcue, save, google a converter and convert it to an .aac file. But after playing with a test replacement, it sounds like the song loops at the original song's loop point, and not the one I set. I tried setting cue points in the .aac file, but apparently cue points cannot be stored in that file format. Does anyone know how to insert correct loop points?

Thank you!

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Finally someone who is looking into that !

I’m trying as well to replace musics in pokemon Y

Apparently, loop points are stored in the .bcsar file in the sound folder, but after extracting it I don’t really think it’s there

I tried replacing a music without adding something, and the game crashed (second time, the game just didn’t have any music playing)

Also, apparently no one tried to look into that (couldn’t find a thread or something about that) 


EDIT: Apparently, the bcsar contains only battle sound, sound effect and maybe some pokemon cries template, but nothing about looping points


EDIT#2: I found 2 channels (PlatinumMaster and recordreader) both have successfully replaced music in CY, and apparently PlatinumMaster will post a tutorial on that

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