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Red's Crystal Team

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I did an attempt to replicate Red's Team from Crystal. I used Gameshark codes to catch them:

Steal Trainers Pokemon 01012DD2 (Enable only on Battle, otherwise it could potentially crash the game)
Red is Always At Mt. Silver 01005EDB

Since not all data was copied when I catched them, I had to modify some things on PkHex, like adding their movesets, changing the TID to 22796 (which is based on Red/Green release date) and the Met (Based on the encounters from Pokémon Yellow).
IVs/EVs seems to be right, but I'm not 100% sure of this.

003 - VENUSAUR - 8707.pk2

006 - CHARIZARD - CF62.pk2

009 - BLASTOISE - D928.pk2

025 - PIKACHU - DC9E.pk2

143 - SNORLAX - 2C51.pk2

196 - ESPEON - 92AD.pk2

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