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3 gen error: Ruby sav opened as Emerald


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I don't know why, but PKHex fails detecting the file version for some of my Ruby saves (from original spanish cartridge, 100% no cheats). I've been using Collosseum, XD and Pokémon Channel all these years with that game, maybe that's the reason... Maybe some data changed!?

I suggest implementing a manual version selector for RSE, if it's possible. I think that would fix the problem.
The save works fine with Trigger's PC (has version selector), but in PKHex I had problems with the trainer data and that stuff that are different in Emerald.

Thank you.


BTW: Great job, best editor ever!!


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Manual selection is already implemented; hold control when importing to bring up the selection.

Version detection isn't perfect for Gen3; PKHeX uses Bulbapedia's detection method which isn't correct.



The ROM disassembly indicates that this offset isn't game code:


In the future it'd be nice to have a more foolproof detection, but for now, just override if it's incorrectly detected.


(edit: future versions of pkhex will have improved detection logic for RS<->E differentiation)

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