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PBR Pikachu


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Could anyone please get me the code for a PBR Pikachu? I don't have the game, and i really want one of my own. So i was wondering if anyone here could please get me the code so i can pick one up from the PokeMart guy.


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Alright, here. Pokemart Delivery. Make sure you have an open slot.

Press L+R

94000130 FCFF0000

B2101D40 00000000

E000B5D4 00000104

00010001 00000001

19D97C13 1C160000

6C6256C7 5C731DC4

25457D0A 8954DB6F

95F4B556 98716ABF

2DE19EB3 BDE97183

9777CE82 A0CC0281

4848F2BD 8EDF52F5

CD5CFEE1 7105500C


82C8EEA5 1012BD92

1B023F17 BF7584B0


EB27A0BB C8954D2D

50048F80 91FE6698


C85EC676 5C06F634

7E621713 EA0AEB7B

425B0F19 603A6590

39C45AF6 A977E525

EF3E521E 14733CA4

FE6B12F7 ED82C4A7

15D09EF5 9A050966

3C76B1C7 00EB2D2E

C238534F 4AB50516

5CEBD613 BDDC1614

A005940E D0B41518

EB02522A 88E2B31B

E75EA081 5B9E7A4D

01F193B8 1C04357B

7B112B57 00000000

00000000 00000000

00000000 00000000

D2000000 00000000

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