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You just lost The Game!


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Ha, I'm so evil sometimes...

Ahhhh! i haven't lost until Social Studies, and i can't believe you actually created it...... You monster. I think i may avoid Project Pokemon.... and you for a while.

Lol, good luck with that, considering that we're in the same class and all, and we hang out during break time. I'd be impressed if you did, though. :P

So basically... I can only lose this game but always remain playing? Very well...


Yup, pretty much! And don't try to not think about it, it doesn't work, and it just gets you more annoyed at the damn thing. Just don't think about it!

It's a very hard game... I like hard games.:tongue:


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Pretty much. After a while you just stop bothering to play. There used to be a game at my school where if you said "mine" you had to drop and do 20 push ups. Fun to watch...

I know it as every 20 minutes. And there are ways to win the game. One is to die without thinking about the game. I think I'd get an infraction or something if I explain the other way...

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