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LF: Shiny Mareep


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My brother reset one of my Pokémon games and it just so happened to be the one where I found a Shiny mareep, is really appreciate if someone could help me here, if you could name it Laxus that would be nice as well 

Pokemon Species:Mareep

Held Item:N/A

Level: 12


Nickname (If wanted):Laxus

Trainer ID (If specific):

Secret ID (If specific):

Shiny (Yes or No):Yes

Egg (Yes or No):No

Nature: Doesn't really matter to me, but if it's necessary Modest

Pokérus Status:no

Pokéball Captured In Luxury Ball

EV Stats: IDK

IV Stats: IDK

Ribbons (If any):

Location/Date Met: Paniola Ranch

Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg):N/A

Friend Code (If Trading):1607-6739-8268

Edited by NuggFugg
Can't Find Mareep at level five, so i put it at the minimum level it can be found
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