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I was worried about behaviour in this place

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i meet someone are so hurted in this forum because are target or flame bullying i cant believe in this forum tolerating this behaviour always be friendly and want meet people for some reason his blog entries of fangirlyng its enought reason for harass her and sincerely she is forced to move in other forum because this place are unfriendly of her she dont deny help of mod staff but point of move in other place because in there are suffered bad comments relating his interests

whats the matter? she likes korrina she likes share his experiencies its bad for you or something? she have pure heart more pure than me hope people will be happy and celebrating that because finally she goes another place simply that people cant stand it


i dont want blame anyone but hope this thread can be light of people are suffered this type of flame and can share his experiencies


i m glad meet this forum but i m witness for watch the bad side and dark part of people with his intentions

she is so naive and she wants meet friends and enjoy maybe his vocabylary and how she acts can be a little annoying but this is not reason for flame her seriously its anoying how lost someone you share e mails all the time in this forum and she is force to go for haters what a shame


hope the time this place improving and can be more tolerate for people like @CorniFan

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We're sorry to hear that bullying is going on. We've already acted on the single report of a private incident.

Beyond that, we've looked at content on our site, and we can see no evidence that this took place in the public, which means we are unable to take any further action. If this took place in a private conversation, please use the Report button, and then we can take action.

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