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Platinum Trash Bytes


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Unfortunately with school and work, I do not have time to do trash bytes by myself. If someone is willing to do trash bytes, this is how it needs to be done:

Take the platinum game (not english or japan, those are done), and use a hex editor to modify the ROM (.nds file). Each GBA game has a 4 character code, ending with its language, E, J, G, F, etc. Find the code that corresponds to your GBA game. Lets say the game is sapphire and yours is English, then look for sapphire but under the language of the platinum game you are using. In the hex editor you will see a list of GBA games in text, so simply change that language to the language of yours. Example: If yours is AQAE, but you are doing french which is AQAF, then change AQAF to AQAE everywhere in the ROM.

Next keep a sav file for platinum which we will refer to as "before". Then pal park 6 pokes, and use pokesav to extract them from the sav. Then put the before sav file back in, and pal park 6 more. Repeat 5-10 times to load up 30-60 pokes for each language. Please make sure to list them as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 indicating the slot they were in within the pal park.

I would appreciate anyone who has time to do this to please help me so I can add it to Legality! Thanks!

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