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Help with compiling as apk with c#

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I've been trying my hand at relearning c# on a trip and I realized I wanted to be able to have android compatibility. Will I be able to make minor edits and compile as an apk or should I start looking at redoing it in java like I've seen on(very very outdated) forum posts. It's not that complicated and for the most part just displays information with minimal user input(i'm more or less making a few tools to aid my personal playthroughs of the main series(i'm trying to go from gen 1-7) before the switch games come out(off topic I guess). I'll post the very very shitty and embarrassing code when I get back from my trip in a week or so if that helps with an answer. Thanks.


Side note: I haven't slept in 4 days and i'm on my 3rd cup of coffee in the last hour and i'm hallucinating. Please keep this in mind when looking at what I've done.

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