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DP/Pt/HGSS text file locations in non-English roms


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In gen 4, text file locations varied across different releases of the same game. In the Diamond/Pearl US rom, for example, Pokédex text was in files 615 and 616. In the Japanese version, it was in files 601/602. In the Korean version, 603/604.

Does anyone have a list of text file locations for different localizations of the various gen 4 games?

I'm specifically looking for the files for ability descriptions, item descriptions, and move descriptions. For reference, I am using these text dumps: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/User:Abcboy#Text_dumps. I'm not asking for anyone to do this work for me; I only want to know if it's been done before, so I wouldn't have to redo it myself.

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