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Problem to create evolved pokemon

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Hello, as the title says I have problems to create evolved Pokémon, I explain:

In this case I wanted to evolve my Kadabra to Alakazan, the Kadaba has been captured in the game, so ir shouldn't be a problem, but yes I get this error https://gyazo.com/202fc0c2305dc01bf438031740681466

Does this mean that it's not possible to create evolver Pokémon if they do not appear on routes or is the there some way to fix it?

Thank you very much in advance.

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13 minutes ago, ShigeruOkido said:

But if captured does not appear one, should I add it?

Kadabra evolves to Alakazam by trade.

So when you trade it away, it gains a NotOTHandler.
If traded back to OT, the NotOTHandler stays.
If traded to non-OT, the NotOTHandler get's updated.

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