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Text Speed code for Platinum


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Specifically, this code:

speed 9 (blazingly fast!)

94000130 FEFB0000

62101D40 00000000

B2101D40 00000000

20000078 00000008

D2000000 00000000

Can I please ask how you're supposed to actually use this? I know the button combination is Select + R, but all attempts at getting this code to work have ended up in failure.

Using Select + R during the actual game does nothing, even if I change an area or whatnot.

On the other hand, using Select + R on the intro (where Giratina's silhouette is and whatnot) is okay, but if Select + R are held down and then continue is pressed, the game just reboots itself like in a soft reset, meaning the code is erased from the RAM and is unusable :/ It's restarted every time I tried this. I've tried on both the EUR (English) and USA versions of Platinum and got the same result for both.

I've also tried holding Select + R for most of the intro and releasing before pressing Continue on the game; it loads up fine but there is no effect. The text just stays at the same Fast speed that I have it set on in the options.

Does anyone know how you're actually supposed to use this code? I've searched loads but have never found a solid answer for it :/

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