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however kor wondercard is extracts from the moment card'text ruined -y-;;;;;


The disadvantage of Nok event wonder cards -y-

so i think... meaningless

I understand. The Wonder Cards do tend to get corrupted. But thank you for trying.

We can still use the pgt though.

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I think the pgt and the pcd are not ok because it says that the PID is 1 and it was a egg recieved on floaroma town, it also says that it can share with diamond and pearl?

So its wrong the pgt and pcd? please check it bye and happy new year!!

(writing about the nok arceus)

The PID must be 1 if it's Dynamic. If it's Static, the PID will be a series of numbers that are predetermined.

The "Egg received" is usually a location like Fullmoon Island or what have you. It changes when you receive the actual Pokemon ingame.

Those two factors are correct. Anything else that may be wrong with the WC (corruption, etc.) is beyond me.

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+ HG SS savefile Extract possible?

If the problem will be deleted!

I think it is possible with a Hex Editor. That is how we got several HG SS Wonder Cards, by extracting them.

Nigoli might know how to do it.

It's kind of complicated to explain. You pretty much need to open up the Save File through a Hex Editing program like Rosalie was saying, and match it to the desired bytes and eyeball it. Comparing another Wonder Card helps, loading one up in PokeSav (Never save over it throguh PokeSav though) is another good way just to double-check it. That's the way I've done it before the Updated HG/SS PCD Safe extraction.

I recommend Poryhack's PCD Safe that ryee5 posted a couple of posts above. It's a great tool and works with most Save files from what I've tested. I personally use the Hexing more so for Saves I find that didn't work with the Tool. Though, it was probably an outdated version I was using. I've just grown accustomed to searching for WCs in Hex, I have it down to my own unique science. :P

Poryhack updated PCDSafe to extract wondercards from HGSS in http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showpost.php?p=58554&postcount=73. Hopefully this is the same version on the main page.

It always is. Hence how he has no ver. # for each release. :)

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