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Let's Go New Meta


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I open this thread in order to discuss a bit about what will be the new meta of Let's GO.

Of course it'll depend on many things we still don't know like if there is a pension or not, new moves added to Pokemon (like Double Kick Pikachu), if PGO retains their moves ...

But still we can at last speculate.

So here my tiers list.



Mewtwo (too powerfull)


A tier :

Alakazam (apart Mewtwo, the best Pyschic type, few counters)

Chansey (Even without Wish still an excelent healer)

Clefable (The best fairy, good moveset and stats)

Dragonite (The only viable dragon)

Gengar (Counter of Clefable, few counters)

Golem (the only viable Steath Rocker)

Mew (versatile, maybe will be uber ?)

Snorlax (very strong, few counters)

Starmie (the best Rapid Spinner, Psychic resistance, best Water type too)

Zapdos (the Best Electrick, immune to Earthquake, Roost ...)

Alolan Muk (the best counter of Alakazam, 1 unique weakness, good movepool)

Alolan Ninetales (A very interesting double type especially against Dragonite)

Alolan Marowak (Can be interesting, one of the few Ghost type, few counters)


B tier :

Arcanine (strong, fast, depends of if it can have Morning Sun or not)

Gyarados (can be very strong, but the lack of MegaStone and its wickness to SR is not a thing to forget)

Jolteon (not as good as Zapdos, can be very usefull however with Volt Switch)

Slowbro (the 2nd best staller after Chansey)

Alolan Persian (can counter Alakazam, not a little thing)

Blastoise (the 2nd viable rapid spinner, can even have recovery compared to Starmie)

Cloyster(priority moves, ice moves, very strong defense)


C tier :

Haunter (the 3rd ghost type, immune to Ground thanks to Levitate)

Onix (the 3rd Steath Rocker, can be usefull but not as much as Golem)

Nidoqueen  (Good double type, excellent movepool)

Nidoking (Good double type, excellent movepool)

Alolan Exeggutor (the 2nd dragon, nothing more to add)

Alolan Raichu (psychic resistance, fast, can be usefull)

Aerodactyl (fast, strong but weak to Steath Rock)

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