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Rate my BP 'Eon team?


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Leaf Blade


Baton Pass

Swords Dance


Calm Mind


Shadow Ball

Baton Pass


Dark Pulse (I might change it to confuse ray considering umbreon's crappy atk/sp.atk)



Baton Pass


Ice Beam

Shadow Ball

Hidden Power (Fire)

Baton Pass




Hidden Power (Grass)

Baton Pass




Acid Armor

Baton Pass

I would list my EV's and Natures and whatnot, but I can't display EVERY aspect of my team now can I :) So, I apologize for not listing Roles, EV's, everything else, and not using the proper format. I just can't allow a team that's earned me alot of wins to be replicated and used by others.

I would do the proper format too, except I found that out AFTER I made this...

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Well, the whole point of team rating is you post all aspects of the team, then we can comment on them. Most people here aren't going to steal your team. If they do use your team, it will be for testing to see if there are any weaknesses that aren't immediately visible. Anyway, I wouldn't be worried about people stealing it; if anything, you should be flattered and consider yourself above those who steal your team. Or, you can consider it helping them along so they can learn how to be more competitive and eventually build their own successful teams.

However, based on the information you've given thus far, I can conclude several things.

Firstly, your lead (which appears to be Leafeon) doesn't really do anything immediately obvious and falls to many common OU leads. Azelf will take down your Leafeon with Fire Blast, Metagross resists all his attacks and will probably explode to kill you after it sets up, Heatran will kill you, Jirachi will trick a scarf as you try to set up. In general, you're going to have a tough time leading with that.

Secondly, your team has very little synergy. It seems like a random collection of pokemon whos only relation is to be part of the Eevee family. Which is fine, but its very difficult to get that to work competitively. Basically any set up sweeper will wreak havoc through your team. The Eons are notoriously bad defensively, barring Umbreon, and a simple setup sweeper like Salamence, Lucario, Latias, Infernape, Dragonite, Suicune, and anyone really will be able to take out the majority of your team with its STAB attacks. The Eons are also quite slow (barring Jolteon). Passing Agility with Jolteon is fine, but a warning: its easy to break a chain of pokemon that are defensively quite weak.

I would reccomend dropping the Eeveelution only theme. Its very difficult to work with. You can build a fairly successful team with 3 Eons, but I doubt you could do with more then that.

If you post the rest of your team, then we can figure out what needs fixing. Wraith will help me out with that. Also, someone else tried to do this earlier and you can look at their attempt to see some common mistakes and easy fixes to make.

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This team falls victim to haze/phaze

I suggest not making it pure eevee evolution pokemon.

I'd remove leafeon and vapoureon. Leafeon as a lead won't do much. Intial Lead Battles are like rock paper scissors, but some leads win more than others. Leafeon is really limited

And the only thing Glaceon and baton pass is curse and substitute and Umbreon does both better. And curse contridicts speed boost.

There was a post a while ago of someone also attemping to make a baton pass team, it can be found here


The most mandatory pokemon in a bp team is smeargle, I would include it if I were you. It's the only pokemon that baton passes ingrain, which protects your from phazing

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What's wrong with Vaporeon? It is arguably the best Eeveelution out there =/

And Glaceon can also pass Barrier... but Vaporeon can pass Acid Armor. Umbreon can Wishpass with its bulkiness, but Vaporeon can do it better with its better typing...

Yeah, I really would not go pure Eeveelution. Mind you, I DO have one... but it is purely novelty at best (although the surprise theme got people acting crazy over it, and my lead was a Taunt bait Umbreon). It gets ruined by phazers and Toxic Spikes. If you do want an Eeveelution team, get a couple of Eeveelution, mostly Vaporeon or Jolteon (blame Gamefreak for their electric favoritism) will do you good... and a couple of other Pokemon that can support it, like a Forretress to spin away Toxic Spikes, and some others.

That team you have right now though, works fine for in game.

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Lol whoops my bad, I saw your post wraith and I was searching to see which idiot suggested removing vapoureon. Found out it was me lmao, I meant Glaceon.

Though I didn't know it can pass barrier, either way acid armour pass with vapureon is better

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