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1.I see some people having a "Thing" after they post, like a signature.How do we put it?

2.What is the cover photo dimensions?

3.How do we get the trophies and medals?

4.Why am I always listed as a new member when other people who are newer than me are not listed as new member?

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1. go to your name PokePrincess then go to account settings then signature where u see a pencil sign then edit from there. @PokePrincess

the 2nd question i do not the know what is a cover photo dimension

3. the third question if am answering it correctly (Please someone correct me if i am wrong) the stuff will look at your profile and then check if u have contributed to this site in a good way.

and the 4th question i am guessing this one is that you have to get to a certain number of posts of certain number of member's total reputation to be actually called a member of the site.   

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