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So I tried Pkhex out and after taking a liking to it, i decided to join its website here to check it out! I'm also interested in doing Quest save editing but don't have the necessary tools for booting into RCM to grab my save, so guess i'll hafta wait till next Friday for the release of Atmosphere CFW.. I hope to see Let's Go hacking with save and ROM editing on November 16 too! ^o^

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Welcome to the forum! X3

I love Korrina. I cuddle with her all the time ❤️

I also like making random pokemon bloggings if you'd like ta see them. I've been a pokemon fan since the age of 12 so i've been a fan for quite a large amount of my life! (i'm in my 20s now but i still dun wanna say what part of them just yet....lol i duno why o_O; )

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