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Pokemon Location Info

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I recently transferred up a ton of my old Pokemon from older games, and the 'Met Location' says 'Poketransporter' as expected. However, when I hit CTRL+Legality check, it shows at the bottom of the page the encounter type, PID type, and location. I'm interested in the location details.

1.) I have a Arbok from SoulSilver that I caught as an Ekans on Route 32. PKHex reports that it was caught on Route 3 in the in-depth legality check. Why is this?

2.) What determines the location that is displayed in the in-depth legality check?

3.) Is there a way to change/set this location?

4.) Does the Encryption Constant or PID have anything to do with the location the in-depth legality check reports?

Thanks in advance for the help guys!


PS I'm not hacking or making illegal Pokemon. I've been out of Pokemon since HG/SS, and I bought UltraMoon and Bank yesterday to get ready for Let's Go Eevee. I transferred up my old stuff, but now I am wanting to use PKHex to go and see when and where my old Pokemon were caught for sentimental reasons. ^^

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1. Once it's transferred forwards, it loses its original met location data. PKHeX finds the first possible match, which in this case is Route 3.

2. See above

3. It doesn't matter, it's just listing somewhere the pkm may have originated from if the met data was overwritten.

4. Yes, for certain cases. Check the source code's usages of "CheckIdentifier.EC".

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Thanks a lot for the information! Just to clarify;

1.) So the data for Pokemon prior to generation V is overwritten/erased when they are transferred forward into newer generations?

And, a new question pertaining to the PokeWalker Pokemon;

2.) Is there any possible way to identify which of my transferred Pokemon (now in UM) originated in the PokeWalker using PKHex? I was silly and didn't take note before transferring up a lot of my 'mons.

And, on a somewhat similar note;

3.) A friend of mine said they would give me some stuff that they caught in the Dream World in Generation V since I didn't play those games. Is there any way to tell if a Pokemon originated in the Dream World using PKHex? How about if it came from the Dream Radar spin-off game


Let's Go Eevee has got me wanting to buff up my collection and get back into Pokemon before they new Switch games release. Thanks a lot for helping me out and answering my noob questions. I played Gen I, Gen II, Gen III, and Gen IV. I've been out of the loop ever since. xD

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3->4 overwrites the met location to Pal Park

4->5 overwrites the met location to transporter

thus 3->4->5 ends up with transporter (overwritten on both transfers)

2) Anything with the PID type of "Pokewalker"; you can inspect the PID fields of any specimen and the middle 4 characters are always the same for a given OT (either 0000 or FFFF), due to how the PID creation works.


Dream World pkm have a met location of "Entree Forest", which is Met Location 75 in gen5 origin pkm:


Pokémon Dream Radar is met location 30015.

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Bulbapedia has a list of values for each generation.

eg https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_locations_by_index_number_(Generation_VI)

There's also a way to look certain values up using PKHeX:

1. Use the pkm editor to select the met location you want the value for

2. Open up the Batch Editor (ctrl-M)

3. Select the "Met_Location" from the dropdown entry field.

4. The Met Location property type (integer) and current value (from the pkm editor) are displayed in a label right above the large text box.


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