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Using PKHeX: How to Use the Batch Editor in PKHeX

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my sons got the ash pokemon from the on going event, but they are japanese and they want them in german, so i tried to recreate them. this is what i have:

Dragonite (F) @ Heavy-Duty Boots

Ability: Inner Focus

Language: German

OT: Ash Ketchum

TID: 200126

SID: 147

OTGender: Male

Ball: Poke Ball







EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe 

Jolly Nature

- Dragon Claw

- Draco Meteor

- Hurricane

- Dragon Dance


the meet location and the metdate are not working. anybody can help, pls BTW i chnaged a little bit something, just to make them a bit better ;):D 

this is the msg the tradebot give me: Exhausted 208/592 possible encounters

what are the id's for this parameter: .Characteristic=

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I'm fairly familiar with the batch editor, but I have a question about changing multiple nicknames at once. I am currently working on a Black save file and my boxes are full of all fully evolved Pokemon. What I'm trying to do is make it so they all have unique nicknames but I'm wondering if there is a faster way to do it than one at a time. The way I'm currently going about it is with this operation


and just changing the box and slot  and nickname one at a time, but looking to see if multiple can be done in a list of some sort?


Thanks in advance!image.png.990fed0e4b81ce696d1d75aff35606a5.png

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