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Using PKHeX: How to Use the Batch Editor in PKHeX

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For a pair of Pokemon, this happens when I use Ultra Sun or Moon as the origin game. With Some Pokemon it works, but Mostly it doesn't 

Sometimes i choose the older gen Because of a few Moves. Pokemon are only get these back in this Gen. Like Toxic or Knock Off.  What can i do to Fix this? 


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Stupid question as I unshinify a box full of very illegal Advertisement Rayquaza (seriously, why is it always the rayquaza that have urls to weird scam sites on them?)- could you ever feasibly get a shiny pokemon from .PID=$rand, or is that impossible?

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If someone, like me, has a problem with ranges in the batch editor: I had them because of my regional parameters.

In french, it's the semi-column ";" that separate arguments in a function, you just have to change it to a comma ",".

There's a guide there for beginners : https://www.officetooltips.com/office_2016/tips/change_the_semicolon_to_a_comma_or_vice_versa.html

You can now type things like: .Nature=$1,12

Hope it helps !

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On 6/9/2018 at 3:39 AM, Kaphotics said:

TID and SID are internally as 16 bit numbers. You can modify the pkm in the main editor tabs to have the new tid/sid you want, then in the batch editor it will tell you the current value (stored format).

How to export all the batch editorto txt or word

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What do these orders mean?How do I use these commands?

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