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Nostalgic Pokemon sites


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Talk about pokemon websites that bring back nostalgia for you here :3


Mewshangout (its no longer online...) and The Cave Of Dragonflies (which IS still online and still updated pretty frequently) are two pokemon pages i used to visit loads and loads xD

I'd get more into my memories of those sites but I feel a little timid about it right now I guess *shrug*


Oh well.

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The first Pokemon fan site I remember browsing was Pokemon GameBoy Zone in the summer of 2000.

I signed up on the forum which is what kept me going back, when you got to certain post count milestones you'd get a gym badge which appeared under your username on the forum. You would get the Boulder Badge after something like 10 posts, then end up with the Earth Badge if you got to something like 1000 posts.

I loved that idea of that back then and used to post loads trying to work my way up the ranks and collect all the badges.

Web Archive has preserved the site quite well: pgz.pgamers.com (December 2000) and the PGZ Forum (January 2001).

Someone on that forum called MewGod had his own site which hosted roms / gameshark codes, I believe that's where I got a very rough translation of Pokemon Gold from a long time before it was released in English. This site is also somewhat preserved: https://web.archive.org/web/20010424065417/geocities.com/mew_king (no roms dont worry!)

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That's really humbling to hear! Back then it was a grey area in terms of legality (I guess it still is), but I loved Pokemon so much and the idea of being able to play on a computer (it was the pioneer age of emulation), I compiled roms and emulators on my site, and also made sure there were no viruses (back then antivirus technology wasn't quite developed).

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