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Omega ruby help


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so im using citra to play this and wondering if anyone could create a save for me? im a little new to this just started playing it and i love it but for obvious reasons i cant get some Pokemon which are unfortunately my favourite... if someone could make a new save with these (no gym badges or any progress):

Charmander Male, Adamante 

Riolu male, Adamante

Dratini male, adamante

eevee male, timid

Latias, timid (with the latias orb if possible)

Dialga, adamant (with adamant orb)

all level 5 please this is the base team i wanna run through the story i wanna stress i am in no way using this save for any multiplayer content as it doesn't interest me as it wont be legit i know this is cheating so.... (its convinced me to pick up an actual 3ds and a copy for it but that will be legitimate no cheats.

buuuuut as a final note if you can also add all TM's, berries and poke balls that would be great!

I know i mentioned previously but please create a CITRA save file for me im not adding this to a 3ds so anything else would be useless to me.... Thanks!!




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