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Legality of Self-Caught Pokemon XD PokeSpot


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Hi. So for context, back in 2009 I was obtaining a self-caught Distant Land set and I was getting other people to turn them into .pkm files for me, since I wasn't able to do it until I got my DSTT in 2010. In this case, I Pal Parked 6 Pokemon from Gale of Darkness on November 5 2009, and had them turned into a file on November 10. They haven't been changed or modified since then, since the modification date on the file still says November 10 2009, and I still have the email from the person who filed them for me.

I took a look at them a few days ago, and there are two of my self-caught Distant Land that give an Encounter Type PID Mismatch error, a Wooper and a Surskit. Both are PokeSpot Pokemon, but a PokeSpot Aron from the same file batch shows a correct PID Type. I know that means my Wooper and Surskit are hacked, because RNGReporter can't find a matching seed that I caught the Wooper and Surskit on. My question is, how did it become hacked if I caught them and transferred them?

Here's a screenshot of Wooper:



And here's Aron:




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