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Is it possible to import ROM data from prior Gens?

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I was playing with a Pokemon Randomizer for pokemon red, and I couldn't find a way to keep the same pokemon types and stats in gen 2 (specifically, Gold version) without manually going through and changing them all.

That being said, I'm only one man, who doesn't have much experience in rom hacking beyond using other people's tools. Does anyone know a method or tool that'd let this be easier to do? Or should I just go and do it manually? I have some modding and programming experience, so I'm not technologically inept, just more... lost.

And for clarification sakes: I don't care if I have to manually update the things that changed on the way to gen 2, like new moves, the dark/steel type, etc. I just want to have a quick and dirty way, and I can do the fine tuning myself.

Anyways, thanks in advance.

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