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PMD Rescue Team Starters in Explorers of Sky


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This is a very small (at the moment) hack that replaces Phanphy, Shinx, and Riolu with Cubone, Psyduck, and Machop respectively. I cannot add new starters, so for now they had to be replaced. Sorry! These Pokemon's sprites were luckily carried over from Rescue team, so they have most of the portraits for their various expressions in the game already.

That being said, they are missing the following expressions: Dizzy, Determined, Shocked, and Sigh. If anyone would like to make 40x40 portraits for these emotions for Cubone, Psyduck, and Machop, please let me know! I already did Cubone's "Determined" expression as a test, so I know they can be done. (I'm by no means a sprite artist though)

Here is a list of the new personality quiz natures for starters, as they have been shifted around to match the new replacements.


Other Screenshots:





Current Balance Changes:

  • Cubone has Double Kick at lvl 5 to make up for the lack of attacking moves.

Download and Instructions:

  • Get a clean Explorers of Sky rom. (I can't tell you where to get one of those)
  • Download the patch here.
  • Run DSPatcher.exe
  • Select your Clean Explorers of Sky rom, and the mods should automatically load/be selected.
  • Patch!

After this, you can just run the newly patched game and the replaced starters should be present.


  • T193 for helping me with portrait insertion.
  • Evandixon for the program used to make this, Sky Editor.



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