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Mystery gift database issues


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Hi there!

I'm having a couple of issues with pkhex:

Recently I tried to use the mystery gift database to generate 2 legendary event mons: shiny Tapu Koko and Celebrate Victini.

Pkhex flagged it as legal, but when I tried to use it online, it didn't work. I got the usual "There's something wrong with a pokemon on your team" game message. BUT when using a pk7 file from friends that had the same event pokemon working online, it worked, and it looks exactly the same like the MG database one.

I've used the MG (mystery gift) database before to generate other legendary mon, like Hoopa from ORAS, it was also flagged as legal and it worked online.

So far, the only ones that didn't work were shiny Koko and Celebrate Victini.

Am I doing something wrong? Please help me. I've been using Pkhex for 2 years now and that's the first time I've experienced something like that.

Thanks in advance.

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Well, it's the exact same as in the MG database, but here you go.

Also, that same friend told me he had the same problem, but solved it by setting both mons as originated from SM rather than USUM. Maybe that's the issue?

I'll try that tomorrow and let you know if something changes.






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