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Chase-san, thank you for your dedicated work on this project. I know how hard it is to juggle a pet project and real life, and presenting one as well polished as this and safe for mass human consumption doubly so. You've done a very good job.

If you decide to pass on black/white, and this project is no longer relevent to yoru interested, do you have any intention of GPLing it? Since the save format for the black/white carts is already known, it wouldnt be TOO hard (though time consuming AND non-trivial to be sure!) to update the format, type recognizer, and icons in this project. Its such an AMAZING bit of code that it deserves not to die.

Once again thank you very much for your hard work on this. I registered just to say that.

P.S. How much? What is the donation level you would like to reach in order to make this relevent to yoru interest again? I find that given a specific numerical goal (read: ransom demand) that blackmail is more effective. *AHEM* i mean DONATION....what did I say?

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Hey Chase, I was wondering if you have received all of the things needed in order to make PPSEBW-DS or if you needed help finding them. If you post a list of the things needed here, I bet that the community would help you search them down.

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sweet this is awesome! oooh, is it possible to run the program, and then eject the flash cart, and plug in the retail cart, and it read the save and edit it and save it back? would that be difficult to code, or impossible to implement? not that i want it, i'm just wondering! (since i can just dump by save via 3in1 tool and write it back.)

You mean, sort of like a nitrohax/ppse-ds fusion.

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unfortunately Codr said he wasn't going to be helping him. i just got a reply from him saying so

Pretty much means I will not make a PPSE-DS for black and white.

To even consider it I would like at the very least.

Needed for Black and White PPSE-DS:

Working code in some language for b/w checksum fixing, or a REALLY good description.

All information on the change in pokemon data structure between 4th and 5th generation.

Verified addresses in the save of pokemon, items, and trainer data values.

A little information on the text format.

These would help

Item Index/Name lists.

Pokemon Index/Name Lists.

Race Information List (base stats)

Pokemon Sprites for 5th gen

Any other relevant information.

Also alternatively one of these:

Interest in playing B/W more and a kick in the head to get me started.


Some other incentive to do so.

I add this last part because I haven't really played much into black and white and kinda lost interested after that big city with the bug gym. (can't even remember the name)

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