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I knew it,I already dislike it for not running Jump,and now this. ._.

The weird thing is that it says not only my HeartGold save is corrupted,but my Soulsilver and Platinum ones as well.

And it doesn't matter what save I try to insert in the R4(even if I just downloaded it from internet),it will be stated as corrupted.

I'm almost sure that saves are O.k. and it's R4 that got bugged,or anythink like that.

Oh,and thanks for the elucidation. :D

P.s. - Oh,I'm from Brazil,so I guess that would be a bit unpleasant for me to buy an Acekard from the site you indicated me.Thanks anyway,but I'll search for a good store in my own country,heh. :D

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When is going PPSEDS to be updated? I'm not a lammer, I would translate it to spanish if chase san tell me how could I do it, so I want also to help in the way I can but... PPSE would be updated? I don't think so... It seems that this project have been left...

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To the best of my knowledge... it doesnt >.>

The program requires dldi and FAT to work... I dont think there are emulators that can do that yet. If you are on a computer, just use pokesav or the original PPSE. This program was made for flashcart users who dont want to, or arent able to use a computer.

*Feel free to correct me on anything x.x

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Guys, i believe this project is on hold still. I believe Chase-san is pretty busy with the BW translation and BW support is unlikely to be any time soon. There isn't even a complete pokesav for the games yet. (There is a pokesav but it's still kinda in development)

Be patient, this project could be a while (if ever) :3

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Should work with more cards/flashcarts. I used my customly designed argv hack I developed in the past year.

It also replaces efslib with libfilesystem (faster, more stable, and such).

Removed a delays on boot, so booting into the app is faster.

it also has a snazzy new theme/logo/icon/music those are just decorative and easy to change.


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Okay, here is r11, I took a few hours out and hacked in some more stuff.


Oct 13, 2010: r11

+ Finally added PID/Nature/Shiny generation.

+ Added Friendship and Egg Steps modifier.

+ Added Move PPup modifier.

+ Added hardware key controls for the directory menu.

= Tweaked some colors.

= Expanded click range for contest stat pentagon to include its name.

= Fixed the problem with the keyboards only being able to erase a single character.

! Known issue, adding PP up does not increase the seen or in game CURRENT PP amount. (just heal or boxtrick to fix this, a minor issue)

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