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If your card supports the argv mod it should be OK in another directory (AKAIO, CycloDS, HomebrewMenu)

Homebrew menu is included in the download!


I use 7zip, get a copy here!

I use it because its better and faster then winrar or zip AND FREE.

It works, it loads saves, it saves saves and does all that needed checksumming.

Works with:

  • Pokemon Diamond
  • Pokemon Pearl
  • Pokemon Platinum
  • Pokemon Heart Gold
  • Pokemon Soul Silver

Remember to DLDI it for your cart if it doesn't automatically.

Works on:

  • CycloDS Evolution (before v1.55 root only)
  • Acekard 2i AKAIO
  • EZ-Flash V (root only)
  • Most R4 clones (root only)

Does not work on:

  • Most slot 2 carts. ( sorry -.-;; )

Currently it does:

  • Edits trainer data
    • Trainer Name
    • Rival Name
    • TID
    • SID
    • Gender
    • Money
    • Badges

    [*] Edits Box & Party Pokemon

    • Move pokemon around boxes
    • Delete pokemon
    • Clone pokemon
    • Edits Pokemon Name
    • Edits Pokemon IV & EVs
    • Edits Pokemon Moveset (autosets PP)
    • Edits Pokemon Ability
    • Edits Pokemon Species
    • Edits Pokemon EXP/Level
    • Edits Pokemon Item
    • Edits Pokemon Trainer Data (name,tid,sid,gender)
    • Edits Pokemon Contest Stats

    [*]Edits item data

    • Add Items
    • Inline Add (insert) Items
    • Delete items.
    • Automated Item Resort

Latest Version: r11

Get the latest version: Download

Next in line: (in no particular order)

Cutting down the item lists to what can be put in bags (r12?)

Rework windowing color system (almost done (r12ish))

Basic Pokedex Editing (r12ish?)


Finish Pokemon Editing (r10 to r15??)

Wider range of save type support

Retail Cart Eeprom Loading/Editing/Saving (very very experimental right now)

Mail Editing (maybe?)

r10 snapshots



PPSE-DS Goals:

  • Edit basic trainer data.
  • Edit basic item data.
  • Edit basic pokemon data.
  • Maybe Edit Pokedex entry data.
  • Do it with style.

(End Goals)

PPSE-DS will not and can not ever be a complete replacement for a computer based editor, due to the DS's limited memory and processing capabilities. (notably even simple pid generation is slow)

Pokemon editing should eventually have:

Auto calculation of battle data for party pokemon.

Ability to edit moves.

Change Nickname, Species, Ability, PID, Exp, IVs, EVs, Contest stats, TID, SID, OT Name, OT Gender, met date, met location, pokemon gender, pokerus, egg location, egg date, pokeball, held item, and that is probably about it. (no ribbons, etc, sorry)

Item editing should cover each of the different bag slots, (and limit it to items which could be in them?).

Trainer editing, should eventually have TID, SID, Money, badges, Name, Trainer Multiplayer Avatar, gender and rival name. Thats about it.

This should be more then enough for 'on-the-fly' editing. Anything you can change freely in game will probably be omitted (pokemon markings, box wallpaper, box names, signature, etc)



Q: Why make a save editor for use ON the DS?

A: Why not? Well okay, the real answer is that I personally wanted one, and so if I wanted one maybe other people want one too, so why not share?

Q: Will you be able to edit saves on the original cartridges?

A: No, unfortunately not. The main reason being that there are circumstances that prevents loading from eeprom (in most cases) in later versions of the toolkit I am using.

Q: Can you make a save editor for Game XYZ?

A: Probably not, unless I wanted to, I get no other reward out of making an editor then for my own use. Plus all the research that is required, Pokemon has a lot of research already done and publicly available. Most games do not.

Q: So your not very 'skilled' then if you cannot do the research?

A: I like to think that I am skilled and I DO do research, it just happens that I have to do substantially less since there is already research done. I like to think that I am not so much unskilled as I am lazy.

Q: So what languages do you know? (okay so not a FAQ)

A: Well normal languages I know English and some Japanese. Computer languages I happen to be able to read, understand, and write ASM(RAW)(x86, ARM, Thumb), C++, C, Java, BASIC(omg), Brainfuck, PHP, Perl, Lua, Python, Pascal, Fortran, and more... I mainly only work with C++,C, Java, and ASM however. But Brainfuck has a special place in my heart.

[Edit by evandixon]

Aaarrrrggg!!! So many dead links in the forums I moderate!

So that's why I attached the *.nds file included in the package that used to be downloadable.

No, I don't have the full package anymore, so if you need help, then you'll have to ask, instead of reading the readme.

I don't have the HomebrewMenu.nds, so if you need it, you'll have to find that elsewhere.



Edited by Chase-san
Fixing links, derp
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ja, a rough roadmap is....

finish up trainer editing (fairly simple), minus text editing (name editing will be last to go in)

Get basic box layout working, listing all pokemon in a box and able to scroll through the boxes. (probably will use the pokemon box layout to a degree).

Moving pokemon around will probably not be done here but later (you can do that in game anyway right).

Initially basic ability to edit pokemon, Species, XP, IV, EV, and moveset.

Add basic party editing now (same pokemon editing though, probably no autocalc)

and then things will go from there.

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New update, this one supports editing your badges (in HGSS, this includes kanto badges). I have fixed the SID and TID thing. Also saving for platinum should work now.

I added a gender toggle and I have your and your rival name placeholders setup.

Next on the todo list is to get poke at the save loading and saving some more (it seems to be a little complex in platinum, so while it will save OK now, your changes may not show up due to how it loads blocks).

Then I need to get the full text editor done (including japanese), redo the font system I have no to support dynamically loaded fonts. Then I can complete the japanese keyboard, so that you can use japanese characters easier in names and etc. (it displays OKAY right now, but I am missing some of the symbols).

Once I get those done I can get back to adding more features to the pokesav ds, like pokemon editing. :P

Also yes, this new setup I have is much simpler. (so getting controls done is easier)

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I was gonna say I used the previous edition last night and it worked great (the functions that were supposed to) on Diamond

However loading a Plat save it reset my TID to 00000, I knew my TID so I tried to put it back to the original pressed save and it changed it to 00230 (none of these numbers are in my ID

I must add that with the newest update I see you debugging Plat saving so I hope this helps unless you already knew these issues

Will DL the newest version now and give it a whirl

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sweet this is awesome! oooh, is it possible to run the program, and then eject the flash cart, and plug in the retail cart, and it read the save and edit it and save it back? would that be difficult to code, or impossible to implement? not that i want it, i'm just wondering! (since i can just dump by save via 3in1 tool and write it back.)

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i asked, since i'm not sure if this program (pokesavds) is loaded into ram or something, or if it has to keep on reading itself from the micro sd, since if it had to keep reading itself, then we couldn't do the cart thing.

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i asked, since i'm not sure if this program (pokesavds) is loaded into ram or something, or if it has to keep on reading itself from the micro sd, since if it had to keep reading itself, then we couldn't do the cart thing.

What you are saying should work, but whenever a flashcart is removed then insetred back, it can't read or write anymore until reboot.

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What you are saying should work, but whenever a flashcart is removed then insetred back, it can't read or write anymore until reboot.

Actually it can, but how it does it I do not know. A few homebrew make use of this already, like eepinator, and the various backup tools. The difference is, would not be able to run the ROM of the cart (or write to/from your flashcarts filesystem even if reinserted). But playing with eeprom is doable.

i asked, since i'm not sure if this program (pokesavds) is loaded into ram or something, or if it has to keep on reading itself from the micro sd, since if it had to keep reading itself, then we couldn't do the cart thing.

It does a bit of reading of itself at the start, but after that is it mostly done. Thought currently it reads pokemon images dynamically into memory, that would have to be fixed. those should fit fine though.

However I say, its not planned, it is not a goal of PokesavDS.

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mmkay, yes.... Revision 4

New update, I completely rebuilt the entire font system. (Waaaa! T.T)

I added pokemon box editing, you can now move your pokemon around your boxes, clone them or delete them (only one of those you can not do in the actual game).

So safe to say the only thing you will notice is you can clone pokemon in your boxes now. (I must seem slow to you..).

---------- Post added at 05:41 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:31 AM ----------


Do not just soft reset, my app writes to certain parts of the 3D system which could cause problems with your games (which isn't reset by your carts or cannot be reset at all), so a reboot is best!

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Revision 5:

I redid the most of the theme engine.

I combined the party and box pokemon (cannot edit party or move them around, or even view yet, but you see them there).

You can edit the IVs and EVs of your pokemon now (yay for start of pokemon editing?).

I know the current edit controls take up tons of room, may change later to more fancy stuff.

I shaved almost 200 kb off the file from reworking theme and optimizing code.

PPSE-DS? I tried to ask SCV, but I am tired now and he is away. He can reply here or message me or kick me in IRC. I will change it back if he doesn't like it.

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