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PPSE + Platinum = Phail


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Every time I try to use PPSE to export an AR code to my US Platinum Version, I keep getting seriously f*cked up Bad Eggs in my PC (and they don't even show up in the slots I assigned to the code). I tried reinstalling PPSE and still no luck.

So I have one thing to ask. Does PPSE not fully support the US Platinum yet, or is something buggy in PPSE? ~STBE

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You loaded a PKM Files made from Pokesav to PPSE right? Maybe you did something wrong while making it in Pokesav? There can be many possibilities of what you might have done wrong, did you make sure you did this?:


If that^^^ wasn't the problem then try uploading the PKM File back to Pokesav and look for possible errors you have made.

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