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Pokemon box ruby and sapphire saves won't export properly


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Hello! So I've made this file (attached below) to use as a save file in Pokemon box with pkhex so I could have some of these Pokemon on my physical carts. However, no matter how I export the file in pkhex, the game will not show any Pokemon that I added into the save in game. Any idea why this might be happening? I've tried adding pokemon from my cart to an exported save then adding my new Pokemon, I've tried adding Pokemon on an exported save with no Pokemon. The second method would tell me that the save file was corrupted and the first method wouldn't show anything in my pc box. I've googled around for answers for hours and I couldn't find anything :/

Thanks for any help :)


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bumping this.

My problem is slightly different though. My unedited Pokémon Box save won't show my Pokémon anymore (like OP's first method), but when I export it and load into PKHex, they are all there. My guess is that my 20 year old memory card probably corrupted the save. Is there any way to salvage my old mons?



I found a way to salvage them:
Save the save as a file, open that file with PKHex and export the boxes with PKHex.

Then I would save ingame with empty boxes which fixed the checksum. Export that save.

Afterwards load the boxes I previously exported in PKHex to that save and restore it. Profit.

It doesn't feel 100% like my precious Pokémon, but it's probably as good as I was able to do.

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