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detective Detective Pikachu - First Impression

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Pikachu: Detective Cap!


So far, I'm about an hour into Detective Pikachu; I will say first, that I am impressed!  

  1. Interactivity
  2. Pikachu's voice actor (It has grown on me, actually!)
  3. Concept

Too Bad, So Sad!
I wished the entire game was voice-over, but I respect it for what it is, though.

Honestly, that's all from me, for the moment.  At least until I'm able to play more into the story.
Interested to hear your first impressions of Detective Pikachu!

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I find this surprisingly game good so far. It starts out with a tutorial that feels painfully easy and very much like a tutorial: investigating obvious clues as to where two Aipom went, one of which stole a necklace. "The one with paint on its tail went that way, and the one with ketchup on its tail went that way. And we know which one took the necklace." This quickly becomes far more complicated when you find the Aipom unconscious on the ground, without the necklace. The search to find the necklace is a refreshing one that has you learn about the people and Pokémon in the surrounding area, and the game gives a good sense of each of their personalities.

Personally, I'm not too fond of the Pikachu species. I think it's overused and overrated. However, Detecive Pikachu is certainly growing on me. Tim Goodman is clearly becoming close friends with this Pikachu, through their mutual search for Harry Goodman (Tim's father and Pikachu's former partner), including Pikachu teaching Tim how to be a great detective on the job, and even unwinding at the end of the day in the coffee shop.

While the puzzles aren't too difficult, sometimes it helps to use the Case Notes section to organize my thoughts, which involves Pikachu talking through what we know. A lot of games have you solving the puzzles alone, but here, the game provides a competent partner.

I really like how characterized the people and Pokémon are. Because you can talk to this Pikachu (and surprisingly, no other Pokémon), you can know by proxy what the Pokémon are thinking. For example, a scientist can't get his partner Pokémon to cooperate, and when you talk to the Pokémon about it, Pikachu exclaims something along the lines of "What, you think he's your servant! How arrogant!", all while the Pokémon darts across the room without a care in the world. This is only one example; most other Pokémon I've encountered had their own bit of personality. I'd give a few more examples, but I think they're best discovered through the eyes of Tim Goodman.

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