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[Bug]Qwilfish move set for Crystal


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This Qwilfish is being marked illegal for knowing spikes. Spikes was added as a new default move in Crystal. 

(Qwilfish was caught during a swarm with the old rod, this is why it's level 5)


Not sure if there are any other pokemon affected by new moves in crystal. This is the only list I was able to find regarding it in a quick google search:

"Some Pokemon learn new moves in Crystal.Wild Dugtrio now have Tri Attack as a basic move.Magneton can learn Tri Attack at level 35.Cloyster is able to learn Spikes at level 33.Eevee learns Baton Pass at level 36.Spinarak learns Agility at level 45.Yanma learns Wing Attack at level 37.Qwilfish has Spikes as a basic move.Sneasel can learn Metal Claw at level 65.Swinub learns Amnesia at level 55.Suicune learns Bubblebeam at level 11,Rain Dance at level 21,and Aurora Beam at level 41. "

211 - Pvffs - 92DC.pk2

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1 hour ago, ReignOfComputer said:

You're in .sav, OP is in VC (.dat). Can replicate the invalid move when using a VC save.

Huh, that's interesting. I didn't realize that would make a difference.

Yeah, this is a sav.dat rip of my VC crystal. I haven't gotten to the point of re-obtaining my original suicune by making the emulator SR for me until I get the exact DVs, so I don't have a .sav past re-obtaining my starter. 

If you need the sav.dat, let me know, Kaph. I don't want to post that publicly. 

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