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help with PKHeX Gen 3 RTC Editor

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I am currently playing Pokemon Ruby on my EZ flash iv. As EZ flash do not have a RTC, i use the patched version (time only move when you are playing). However, how do i use the RTC editor that comes with PKHeX if i want to move forward the time in-game? I am currently at Shoal Cave and i need to move forward the time to change the tide. On the editor, there are 2 column, "Initial Time" and "Time Elapsed". I edit the "Time Elapsed" to move forward 6 hours. But nothing happens, the time does not move, the tide do not change. I then edit the "Initial Time" but not the "Time Elapsed". The clock moved forward and the tide changed. However, since i move forward the clock by 6 hours, berries should be growing. Yet, they are not (similar to the berry glitch). After playing for hours, the berries are still not sprouting. Did i do something wrong? Am i supposed to edit both the "Time Elapsed" and "Initial Time"? If i add back the time in "Time Elapsed" would it go back to normal? The editor also have a "Berry Fix" button. Would that fix things? What is the proper way to do it if i ever want to move forward the time again? Thank you for helping.

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