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Alolan Starters with their Hidden Abilities released!


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Between March 8th to Oct 31st, 2018, players with an active subscription of Pokémon Bank can login to their account and receive a free Decidueye, Incineroar and Primarina! These gifts come with their hidden abilities, marking it the first time they can be obtained legitimately.

Additionally, it appears that unlike Mewnium Z released previously, the wonder card titles of these gifts will change based on game/bank's language, so do contribute your wonder card to our event contribution page while denoting what game/bank language combination you have!

Right now, we're missing: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simple), Chinese (Traditional).
We have all of them now!

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11 hours ago, Hellionlucifer said:

Hey bro, we can get a SHINY eggs h.a. from they :0?

Eggs aren't shiny locked in game, so yes, the eggs from breeding these can be shiny.

11 hours ago, Dave_saag said:

How can i download the wc7 or pk7 Alolan Starters with their Hidden abilities files? 

go to our downloads > event gallery :)

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