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Shiny and Competitive Deoxys, Mew, Darkrai, and Shaymin Request

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Sorry for the dumb request, but I'm looking for shiny and competitive (at least perfect to near perfect IVs and beneficial nature) deoxys, mew, darkrai, and shaymin. I know these are difficult to RNG for, but I was wondering if anyone could had the file for any of them on hand. Thank you.


Bold OR Timid Deoxys

Timid Mew

Timid Darkrai

Timid Shaymin

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8 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

Why competitive?

Wanting to mess around use them in battle with friends. I also like collecting them, I don't see a download on here so I was just wondering if anyone had files on hand for competitive ones. I know hyper training is a thing and I'm more concerned about beneficial natures, but having all or nearly all 6 IVs is very pleasing.

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We have the files on them, but I don't think we have competitive ones.

while natures can't be changed in-game, you can hyper train to get the stats you want.


still, it'll be nice if you dictate what set you want. What is "competitive" can differ between person to person, and it might be hard for someone to provide something to you when you don't say what you want on it ><

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Just now, RolloutG said:

added the specific natures I'm looking for. thanks for the help nonetheless.

In the mean time, check our Downloads > in game series to see if any of the entries match the natures you want.

RNG on emulator isn't that complicated, so it could be something you wanna explore too.

(while I don't recall RNG for Gen IV, I've RNG'd for Gen III (the Mew and Deoxys) before.)

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