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Pokemon Crystal VC save

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On 5/17/2018 at 3:53 AM, NinFanBoyFTW said:

Hey not sure if you ever got that save but here is mine. Just fly to golden rod city, enter the pokemon center, go upstairs, then go to exit the pokemon center and the event will begin. I edited the OT info so I would suggest you change it to your own. Then just inject it into the VC.


Just used that save file on bgb, and catched a Shiny Celebi using soft resets. I'm also adding the save state when I catched it.

As for the changes in comparison to that save, the ID/OT has been changed, most of the team was also saved on the Box 1, a Shiny Togepi was added to the Box and the clock has been reseted and changed 24 hours later + the time trying to catch Shiny Celebi.

251 ★ - CELEBI - AD03.pk2

Pokémon™ Crystal Version [QBRA].sn5

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