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minor problem after editing event flag, help is very appreciated

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hello people! i'm new but i have a small problem with my save file, it's really nothing big but it's annoying at worst. help would be very appreciated

so a few weeks ago i edited an event flag to fix a problem with photoclub. the problem? i noticed i had a problem with photoclub, for some reason i never unlocked advance mode, luckily after i did edit the event flag, and then change the value it to how it was before, i got it. now here comes the issue, some of the characters talk like i haven't completed the game (which i did months ago, i even completed episode RR)

as an example: lillie, who's still in her new outfit asks me how my first trial is going. but the professer still acts normal. it doesn't take away from the game but it's still kinda bothers me

i'm sorry if i'm being a bother with such a minor issue. is there a way i can see which event constant is affected by the edit so i can fix it? or a list of all the event flags in USUM? thank you


EDIT: sorry for not doing this sooner but here is what i meant, also some characters do not even appear in the overworld, such as Hau.



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