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Help removing background of 3ds sprites are missing


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14 minutes ago, Kalaxe said:

what I did was to unpack the .3ds with 3ds title manager, then I looked for the sprites and unpacked with pk3ds, then what I did, I replaced the files and then I returned to pack everything and it gave me an error :(

I'll try that SaltySD program, maybe it works for me 

I've edited my last post><

anyway, drop me the libre pikachu files, I'll see if it can be used

edit: Totem Hakamo-o's files shifted into SM. size looks the same
edit2: reviewing footage, Hakamo-o in totem was definitely taller. time for me to perform some magic.

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9 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

what FPS do you use for your captures?

i dont understand you xD, 33 fps, its the pkparaiso fps that they recorder

22 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

anyway, drop me the libre pikachu files, I'll see if it can be used

wait a minute, I'm uploading the files

Edited by Kalaxe
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28 minutes ago, Kalaxe said:

I already know why the 6gen sprites are not compatible with 7gen, in 7th gen, there are 9 files that contain the sprites, while in 6 there are only 8, anyway I upload it to you and tests, although I do not think it is possible 

files pikachulibre.zip

the texture format appears to be different, so I don't think rearranging the files will allow import :/

anyway, here are the glameow's backs.

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9 minutes ago, Kalaxe said:



@theSLAYER, sad, well dont worry, im with backsprites


Also apparently looking at this page, the pkparaiso's fighting and fire type Arceus are not the same.
They seem similar because the colors seem duller as compared to your captures,
but the dark stripes on their body are actually differently colored, showing they aren't the same

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20 minutes ago, Andrew1207 said:

kk thx for telling me ill fix it.

I just worked out this methodology last night, and you might want to try using this feature on the site.
1. upload the full gif
2. change background color to white

3. change the white background to transparency



This method probably won't work well for Pokemon with color schemes that are close to the background color.

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Missing gender form  gen 1 (first part) edit: add male shiny goldeen





Gender forms gen 1 (final part)

zubat male are missing (are female forms) raticate are both male forms

Edit: add alakazam-f back




All missing genre forms ( gen 2)

Notes: Girafaring males were missing; Steelix, you can clone backsprites.

Edit: Add wooper-f that are missing

unown-a.gif.2c087bf7251c5832c215165e9b0d5581.gif Upload unown-a back shiny to the repository, @theSLAYER, is missing




All missing genre forms (gen 4) @theSLAYER

NOTES: Combee, Pachirisu, Abomasnow and Croagunk  do not have visual differences in the back so you can clone backsprites

weavile backsprites: the male backsprites are the ones that are really missing, the feminine ones are in the repository, so I made the masculine backsprites (bigger ¿ears? in the masculine ones) in the frontsprites repository are well placed, check it if I have explained wrong

 krikretot:  I have remade all of them because I did not like them as they were captured by pkparaíso

for all those who download these files for the post and not for the mega folder remember: xxxx-f.gif (female non shiny form) xxxx.gif (male non shiny form) xxxx-s (male shiny form) xxxx-f-s (female shiny form)

Any doubt or error let me know. With this I think we complete the entire 3ds sprite repository and our goal. Thanks everybody

Edited by Kalaxe
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55 minutes ago, Kalaxe said:



Missing gender form  gen 1 (first part)

Wow cool thanks. 

BTW for some of the missing gendered entries in our tech docs, I'm not sure I actually sorted/identified the existing entry properly, so might wanna take note if you're referring to that ><

In the mean time, I added the missing entries.
(it appears we are missing shiny male goldeen instead of the female one)

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12 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

f you're referring to that ><

I mean the sprites in general, many genre forms are missing, so I'm capturing and removing them, there are many (I also have to check if they refer to the pokemon in particular) (eg: back hypno the ones that were missing are the males, and they were badly named) 

I am orienting with the wikidex website, there are the male goldeen front if you need it

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1 hour ago, Kalaxe said:

I mean the sprites in general, many genre forms are missing, so I'm capturing and removing them, there are many (I also have to check if they refer to the pokemon in particular) (eg: back hypno the ones that were missing are the males, and they were badly named) 

I am orienting with the wikidex website, there are the male goldeen front if you need it

Hey, do check our 3d Model page, and go of from there, as it references and displays all the 3D models we have (and missing ones will have the space there)

Also, I meant the back of goldeen >< (I'm basing it off horn size)
the shiny goldeen's back has a noticeably shorter horn than the non-shiny back,
meaning it's female, not male.

In the mean time, using the method I described above for removing background,
I'll be changing Pokemon with partial transparency (that retained pokedex background) to full opaque,
until there's a software way for applying mass partial transparency.

Examples of completed gifs:


(the colors I used for translucent areas came from their texture files)

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Update to our site done!
1. replaced the male zubats front with yours
2. shifted raticate back to female, and added yours as males
3. cloned zubat and golbat back from male to female (since their fangs aren't visible from the back)
4. added everything else as they're missing

leftover missing from previously:
1. still missing shiny goldeen back (then one you attached, the horn isn't as long as the non-shiny male back. so it feels like it's female)

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2 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

1. still missing shiny goldeen back (then one you attached, the horn isn't as long as the non-shiny male back. so it feels like it's female)

 ( i edited my  post  where there are goldeen check it) if you see now, the horn of the shiny form are more bigger than goldeen non shiny f (is the male, i cant doing more xD)

Edited by Kalaxe
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