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Help removing background of 3ds sprites are missing

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4 hours ago, Kalaxe said:

all right!  All the shinys backsprites of  s/m are already uploaded> https://mega.nz/#F!NlNyGKqZ!i-QbrdK8qfzebvUJJBpObw

PS: Magearna normal, marshadow backsprites are missing because they are the same as normal versions.
Minions backsprites are missing all except one because they are all the same.
The shellos-east backsprites have been added because they do not exist

woohoo! thanks!

i'll do pokedex number 200 to 401, lessangel can do the first 200 if they want

:) gl to all

and ty again kalaxe

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Wow! A big work

All missing genre forms ( gen 3)

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Thank you so much for doing this, both of you!

As I stated in the other thread a few weeks ago I've been trying to put together a complete resource collection of all these models. When you get closer to the end of the gen 7 shiny backsprite backlog, I'll add these to my archive, see if there's anything still missing and let you know if there are, and upload the complete collection somewhere for anyone to use (with credit to you guys and to earlier sprite capturers, of course). Unless you plan on releasing that kind of collection first -- I wouldn't want to steal your thunder lol

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16 minutes ago, Lessangel said:

Yes,However, GIF is only completely transparent or not transparent two options, while the bubble is translucent.I can not do it ,,,,,

compile as animated png. They allow partial transparency.


9 minutes ago, Lessangel said:


wait, is it translucent

that doesn't look right to me lol

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