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Is it legit to have multiple wdc of pokemons from same event in a same save file?


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As long as they've got different ID numbers, you should be able to receive more than one WC from the same event.
And that is the case for the ones you asked about:

What prevents a save file from receiving more than just one Ashachu is the fact that all of their WCs have got the same ID number:
Which means, if you've received, say, Hoenn cap, and then you try to get Sinnoh cap, the game won't let you due to the servers "knowing" the WC N° 0627 has already been received on your save, but since that's not the case for the ones above, all you should care about are the WCs you're using being compatible with your game's region.

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19 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

Not to mention it wasn't part of wondercard description format/summary that I upload until rather recently.

(as you said, most events are only "once" cards.

So its correct for example if a save file have 1 XYZ Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde. But not 2 XYZ Xerneas redeem?

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