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ultra sm Pokémon Supernova Sun & Penumbra Moon: Fully-Featured Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon ROM Hacks!


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14 minutes ago, CS_Firzen said:

Hey, This rom hack sounds awesome! I'm trying to play this rom and citra (pc only) and im having some trouble patching the rom. ive done both methods by no rom appears in the extracted rom folder. 

Make sure you're dumping your own ROM from a real cartridge or eShop copy on your 3DS. ROMs downloaded from pirate sites are often trimmed, scrubbed, or encrypted.

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On 12/26/2017 at 5:19 PM, Dio_Vento said:

Please note that Sylveon will be detected as illegitimate if it has less than two Affection and has never been traded.

You sure Sylveon can't be traded to be legit/legal? I thought the two Affection in Refresh was enough.

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On 1/9/2018 at 11:07 AM, Rocrie said:

Can someone send me a good Video guid over the complet Drag and Drop industruction? I have rly problems even by just installing Luma. 

Follow http://3ds.guide to install Luma. Then enable the option "enable game patching" when you're setting Luma config. Then literally drag and drop the luma folder from Penumbra Moon / Supernova Sun to your SD card. Absolutely foolproof.



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Not sure if this is a place to make requests but I was wondering if it'd be possible to stop Rotom-dex from giving you 'advice' every 3 seconds, I know it's a feature that annoys a lot of people in the base game and it'd be great if something could be done about it.

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On 1/10/2018 at 7:58 PM, goldielemmonyt23 said:

hi, you have the download of penumbramoon but in spanish and already in .cia is because the change of .3ds to .cia is imposible to me, thanks

@goldielemmonyt23, please take a moment to read: Project Pokémon Guidelines, before your next post. More specifically:


Should you need to share an edited ROM with others, you must use a patch file; linking to or uploading a ROM, even if it has been edited, is strictly forbidden.

If you have any questions, contact a staff member via PM. 

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this looks great, can't wait to add it to my collection of your ROM hacks! one question though, is there any reason you decided to patch the revival wing over the health wing instead of something useless like the pretty wing? there is the (slim) possibility that some people use the wings for EVs xD

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Hi i downloaded the expanded version to play a random locke with friends, i tried to get it playable and it gave me an error while rebuilding the .3ds, i tried playing the rom with citra emulator and gave me an unespicified error.

The error log is attached, hope you can help me.


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