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Pokémon DPP Versions Poll


Which Versions do you Have?  

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  1. 1. Which Versions do you Have?

    • Diamond
    • Pearl
    • Platinum

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Wow! I have one of pearl, one of diamond (my sis plays it though so I'm thinking of giving it to her and getting another one, and one copy of platinum. Pearl is beaten and I'm getting there with platinum. I got pearl first. I have them all but I only voted for platinum.

Drifloon! I want a shiny one. Whatever pokemon you want you can have it for a shiny drifloon. Granted it will be a level 20 but anything! Seriously a shiny drifloon. Well sorry I my wifi is horrid so I cant get anything from one of you guys. :(

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I've got Diamond and Platinum. Diamond has become my AR & PokeSav slave, mainly. It's got 410 hours logged on it, over 2 years. I got Platinum the day after it came Stateside, and have about 40 hours logged right now. Platinum is worth it just for the new pokeetch and the new friendcode entering. LOL!

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Pokemonfan: You're making it inaccurate by voting only one of the many ones you have.

I know I'm sorry! If I could change it I would. If there is a way to could you tell me. I didn't read everything correctly so I just voted for platinum. I thought by the title it meant which one I liked the best so I voted for platinum. I'm sorry! :(

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I have Diamond and Platinum.

Diamond I bought alongside My DS lite my mom bought me as a high school graduation gift. I also bought a DS "starter kit" Because I needed a case 'n shit. I didn't get it until well after it was out because I had no money, and my parents never buy me anything unless they think it's their idea 9_9

Platinum I pre-ordered from Wal-mart the day they listed it B3 The only reason I was able to was because I had gotten a $50 gift card for Wal-mart from my mother + stepdad for christmas (since that's apparently what my sister asked for. Giving me the same thing is "being fair" not not asking me what I want to them >>...)

I didn't get it the day it came out since there was no store pickup listed when ordering online (srsly Wal-mart.com, srsly?) so I got it the fallowing monday when the mail came :3 (no mail on sunday!) I actually got an email confirmation that it was shipped friday, which was cool :D

Actually I ended up ordering the "box-special" platinum box set before Wal-mart even announced they where offering it :o Without even knowing xD (it was just listed as "Pokemon Platinum" as a game on preorder D:) So when I checked my order I randomly found out that I was getting the "elusive" case with my order :/ Actually ^^;; I didn't even know if I was going to get the Giritina figure xD;; I just had the money and the ability to preorder online, so I went for it! Actually, the case it came with is REALLY sturdy, and holds up really well :D I'm using it to hold my DS lite and my 3 pokemon games (+ Mystery Dungeon: Darkness), and my old "starter pack" case hold all my accessories, GBA games, and Misc. crap since it was getting hard to close it ^^;; I've accumulated a lot of shit, and my "starter kit" case has a mesh pocket with a velcro close, and my platinum case just has 3 DS cart slots :/

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All 3, 2 Platinums, 4 Diamonds and 2 Pearls. First platinum the day it came out, 3 diamonds the day it came out, 2 platinums the day it came out, the fourth diamond was given to me and the second Platinum I won in a tourney too.

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