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Wynaut in UU/BL


Should Wynaut be in BL/UU or left where it is?  

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  1. 1. Should Wynaut be in BL/UU or left where it is?

    • Wynaut should be in BL
    • Wynaut should be in UU
    • Wynaut should stay in Uber

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Pokemon I wish to change: Wynaut

Tier the Pokemon is currently in: Uber

Tier I propose to move it to: UU/BL

Reasons why I wish to move it: Well as all of you know, Wynaut is in the Uber Tier, it is self-explanatory why Wobuffet would be in Uber, but this little guy, why? I doubt many of you would oftenly see this guy around, they would probably use a Wobuffet not a Wynaut. Wynaut only has a base HP of 95, 48 SpDef and Def and only a minor speed of 23. Many of the pokemon will have the potential to wipe out this guy in one attack. And with a very high chance that the opponent would easily overspeed this pokemon. So what if it has Encore, Counter and Mirror Coat. It doesn't get the chance to use it! Even if the opponent is unable to 1HKO it, even if Wynaut uses Encore, the next turn it would attack it again and undoubtedly would beat Wynaut. I think that this little guy shouldn't belong to Ubers!

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Ubers wasn't created to be a metagame, it was created to be a banlist for OU.

Wynaut, while for the most part useless, has two incredibly useful aspects.

1. Wynaut can come in on any Choiced pokemon and kill it.

2. Its ability.

Wynaut's ability may seem only useful for mirror coat / counter, but that isn't the case. Wynaut's ability is the singular best switching utility in the game. You can use Wynaut to get a free switch in on any pokemon because you force the opponent's pokemon to stay in. This can be useful at any level.

Wynaut probably wouldn't break the metagame, and it would be interesting to test, but I think it should stay in Ubers.

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Hey Toff. The thing about Ubers metagame is... like the BL tier (read: Ban List) is that it wasn't made to be balanced. In Ubers... ANYTHING goes. It is a ban list for the Standard tier list just like how BL is the ban list for the UU tier list (in reality, there should be just two tiers, UU and OU...). Obviously, things like Mewtwo are too strong for your regular OU battles so they put him in Ubers, not because he creates a nice Pokemon to use in Ubers (although he does). As you see in Ubers, Uber Pokemon are not the only ones used. You can see Exeggutor, Quagsire, Seaking, Blissey, and some other strange Pokemon that you are not Ubers but useful in Ubers otherwise. But let us talk about Wynaut...

Wynaut is basically a mini Wobbuffet... with 95/48/48 defenses it will usually not survive long (let alone one hit)... unlike Wobbuffet who has that gargantuan 190 base HP and 58/58 defenses... Yes, we see Wobbuffet use Encore and mess up anything that isn't a physical Ghost attacker or a special Dark attacker, but it is also used to grant a free switch thanks to Shadow Tag. The other guy is trapped (unless they have a Shed Shell or has the ability Shadow Tag itself) and you can switch in anything of your desire, like a Lucario and set up a free Swords Dance (I know the person who made that strategy popular in Ubers). That is the one thing Wynaut CAN do... but even then, it is still outclassed by Wobbuffet. I suppose Wynaut ban is ridiculous, but the free switch-in is almost tempting. I still do not know where Wynaut belongs actually... but it is interesting to test things out, but then again, most NFEs that are no different from their evolved forms are hated on by people (Shogun bashed me for using a Tangela >.>). Things like Chansey, Rhydon, Haunter, Kadabra, Gligar, Sneasel, Magneton and a few others are often criticized for their use in UU because they are OU-lite Pokemon... but we will see how this goes. However, I doubt Wynaut will be gamebreaking, let alone worth a teamslot. And even then, I do not think anyone will use a Wynaut.

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Obviously, you overlook the power of Tickle/Encore on someone with a auto-switch block.

Let me do it like this. A Wobbuffet with max speed +nature has 181 speed. Wynaut has 151, able to outspeed slow walls like Blissey. You encore them, tickle them a few times, and then send out a CB Pursuit Tyranitar and effectively smashing through a wall for good.

If you are really crazy, you also scarf your Wob/Wynaut. Wynaut can hit 226 Speed, able to pass no speed Suicunes, Skarmory, and Max neutral speed T-tars (barring a Dragon Dance). Wobbuffet can hit 271, which means pretty much anything defensive without a speed investment will fall before it.

If Tickle does not shove these guys into ubers for good, I don't know what it.

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