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Legal Pokeball List?


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As far as I'm aware the way the Heavy Ball calculates if the Pokemon is caught or not did not change from Sum and Moon to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon therefore still making it impossible for the Tapus and Beldum to be caught in a Heavy Ball.  The only list I know of that outlines all possible ball combinations is the one on Serebii. https://www.serebii.net/games/pokeball.shtml

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52 minutes ago, JISN[064] said:

Then... Why bug type moves deals super effective damage against Dark types?

Bugs are common in the dark and it doesn't affect their life? Best I can come up with. For example someone made a theory on the weaknesses of Psychic. Dark, bug, ghosts can cause fear, which affects our mind in a variety of ways, hence why they became weaknesses to Psychic. Dark does not affect bugs in any way, rather some even thrive in it. Seeing as Dark needed weaknesses, it comes to reason to see why that would be one of the more logical types to have as weakness. 

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I compiled a list of all the new ball combinations for USUM, but not a full listing of everything that is legal. If you want a full listing, my trading spreadsheet should be up to date for breedables as I compiled it when working on the above list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nRwxb05hEX2vk4biiMc1qr29Z3TMShTotUYnz246AUU/edit#gid=1748739644




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